Graham Lines - Soft Tissue & Foot Health Care
Operating from West Hoathly near East Grinstead,sports & remedial massage and foot health care is provided for clients within the local area.I provide a professional and caring therapy either within my treatment room or in the comfort of your own home.

The following therapies are:-

Sports & Remedial Massage (Including Ultrasound and Taping/Strapping if required)
Foot Health Care

Sport & Remedial Massage

Origins Of Sports Massage

In ancient Greece,athletes used massage before and after competing while the Romans recognised the benefits for injured gladiators.
In 1900 the Finnish School Of Massage developed the first system of sports massage and in 1924 it was first brought to the public's attention when Paavo Nurmi won 5 gold medals in ONE day with only a 30 minute break between some events at the Paris Olympic Games.Nurmi credited special massage treatment as one of the important components of his training.
As professional or amateur competitors seek to improve their performances,many are now realising the importance of using a sports massage therapist.

 Sports & Remedial Massage

  • Sport & Remedial Massage includes the analysis of soft tissues to help prevent dysfunction,pain, limited movement,misalignment or injury.This is approached and maintained by physical and manual manipulation of the soft tissues including giving appropriate advice on exercise,training and rehabilitation. 

  • Remedial massage covering minor conditions relating to muscles,tendons and ligaments,has been used effectively for thousands of years...dealing with aches and pains caused mainly by poor posture.If untreated,these issues become more serious and complex which eventually result in additional multi skeletal problems.Treatment has proven in the past to be an effective and successful way of overcoming these conditions, complementing the body's natural repair process.If a medical practitioner has diagnosed a serious injury,it is likely there is a secondary soft tissue condition involved due to the muscular system protecting or compensating.Therefore,as a complementary therapy, a good and successful recovery would require these issues to be addressed by means of remedial massage.

  • Sports massage uses a similar clinical approach as remedial massage with the emphasis on recovery from training and prompt identification and treatment of possible problematic soft tissue conditions.By applying massage,a thorough assessment of the condition of an athlete's soft tissues can be addressed such as monitoring posture and range of movement.The therapist can also monitor how an athlete is responding to training and assess how to apply specific exercises to avoid injury...enhancing maximum performance.

Some of the injuries I can treat:-

• Neck ache and pain.
• Shoulder ache and pain.
• Tennis Elbow.(Lateral Epicondylitis)
• Golfers Elbow.(Medial Epicondylitis)
• Joint Problems 
• Cartilage Problems.
• Posture Correction.
• Back ache and pain.
• Muscle imbalance.
• Ligament sprains.
• Ligament damage.
• Chronic injuries.
• Nerve impingement.
• Inflammation.
• Impact injuries.
• Tendon and muscle strain.

Specialist Techniques:-

Muscle Energy Technique (MET):-is used to stretch and lengthen tight muscles including realigning areas of adhesive muscle fibres.

Soft Tissue Release (STR):- is a method of locking and stretching  adhered part of   muscle...avoiding  unnecessary stretching of remaining healthy,aligned muscle fibres preventing possible overstretch.

Neuromuscular Technique (NMT):- is used with the nervous system,aiding release of localised tension and pain and  Trigger Points are also deactivated using this method. 

Myofascia Release:- is used to release tight,congealed and dehydrated connective tissue around muscles to become soft,mobile and hydrated.Pressure applied slowly,will create a physical and chemical reaction to the tissue,allowing it to return to it's normal resting length.

Can Everyone Benefit ? don't have to be a sports person to receive the benefits of a good sports massage.For example,spending hours at a desk can cause muscular tension and over use which can be effectively relieved using sports massage.
If however you are involved in sporting activities,treatment would help overcome general aches and pain,rehabilitation after injury,pre and post event as well as preventative therapy aimed at reducing risk of injury.

Other Considerations

Other aspects are considered which could be affecting your condition such as medical history,general lifestyle,hobbies,diet,work and emotions.
The therapist will advise on a specific programme where necessary how to improve posture,stretch and strengthen their muscles.

Additional Treatment Incorporated With Sports & Remedial Massage


How does Ultrasound Benefit Wound Healing?


Ultrasound causes a degranulation of mast cells resulting in the release of histamine.Histamine and other chemical mediators released from the mast cell are felt to play a role in attracting neutrophils and monocytes to the injured site.These and other events appear to accelerate the acute inflammatory phase and promote healing.


Ultrasound has been noted to effect fibroblasts and stimulate them to secrete collagen.This can accelerate the process of wound contraction and increase tensile strength of the healing tissue.Connective tissue will elongate better if both heat and stretch are combined.Continuous ultrasound at higher therapeutic intensities provide an effective means of heating deeper tissue prior to stretch.


As the frequency of ultrasound is increased,the penetration of the signal decreases.For most dermal wounds,it is preferable therefore,to utilize a frequency of 3MHz.1MHz would be more effective on deeper structures.

What is Ultrasound ?

Sound Waves

  • Sound waves consist of a to and fro movement of particles in the direction of a wave.This movement is set by a source,which is subjected to deformation.This source may be pigskin on a drum or a metal diaphragm.Pressure waves are set which emanate as areas of compression and decompression.

  • Audible range = 30 - 20,000 Hz -Ultrasound range = above 20,000 Hz - Many animals hear ultrasound.The therapeutic frequencies for ultrasound are 1MHz or 3MHz (1MHz = 1 million cycles per second)

  • A high frequency electrical current applied to certain crystals (Quartz or Barium Titanate) will produce distortion thus causing the crystals to "oscillate", i.e. to expand and conduct at a high frequency,(this effect is termed the piezo-electric effect or PZT).These changes in the shape of the crystal cause movement of the metal end plate which in turn produces an ultrasonic wave.

Benefits of Ultrasound 

I use ultrasound therapy specifically on:-

• Sprained and torn ligaments
• Inflamed tendons and tendon sheaths
• Lacerations and other surface soft tissue traumas
• Scar tissue sensitivity and tension (muscle spasm)
• Strained and torn muscles
• Inflamed and damaged joint muscles
• Fasciitis

Taping and Strapping

Taping and strapping is often required after injury but sometimes to bring attention to correct postural awareness.It is also helpful to aid a sports person to compete in an event after suffering a mild injury.

Foot Health Care

Professional and Hygenic Foot Care Service

Treatments with the option of receiving in the comfort of your own home.

• Nail Trimming
• Callus/Corn Removal
• Diabetic Foot Care
• Cracked Heels
• Ingrown Toe Nails
• Fungal Infection Advice
• Therapeutic Foot Massage
• Verrucae/Wart Removal Advice

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